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Furnished holiday lets: the tax position

Furnished holiday lets have long benefited from favourable tax treatment giving them advantages over other property lettings. Furnished holiday lets: the tax advantages Those advantages mean that they are treated [...]

26 June 2018|

Inheritance Tax and Property-Based Businesses

Most readers will be aware of business property relief (BPR) which provides relief from inheritance tax for ‘relevant business property’. For these purposes relevant business property includes: property consisting of [...]

30 May 2018|

Changes to the Taxation of Termination Payments

Several changes have taken effect from April 2018 altering the taxation of payments in connection with the termination of employment. These changes were introduced with a view to simplify, clarify [...]

30 May 2018|

COP 8 & COP 9: Bad COP and badder COP

Codes of Practice ("COP") 8 and 9 Background HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service undertakes the most serious tax investigations. Its investigations will under COP9 or COP 8. COP 9 HMRC undertakes [...]

25 May 2018|

POTAS: Promoters of Tax Avoidance Schemes

POTAS: Promoters of Tax Avoidance Schemes Background This should not be confused with Donald Trump, who is often referred to as POTUS or President of the United States. That said, [...]

25 May 2018|

General Anti Abuse Rule (“GAAR”)

GAAR - introduction I would like to make two connections between GAAR and the TV series The Walking Dead. Firstly is, I often find myself thinking that some of the [...]

22 May 2018|

What are the R&D Tax Credit Rates?

Which R&D tax credit rates apply to your business?  In a modern economy, many businesses are investing time, effort and money on Research & Development (R&D) to further their trade [...]

15 May 2018|

Research and Development Tax Credits for SMEs

Research and development tax credits are by far the most attractive form of corporation tax relief for SMEs. Despite the potential for lucrative financial benefit, statistics abound that R&D relief [...]

7 May 2018|

HMRC, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

HMRC's Position on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Much has happened in the world of cryptocurrency since HMRC published its guidance on Bitcoin in 2014. Since this guidance was published, Bitcoin [...]

23 March 2018|