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What are the Current Capital Gains Tax Rates?

Applying the correct capital gains tax rates in particular circumstances, following recent legislative changes, can now actually be a complicated undertaking for taxpayers. This is despite clamours for simplification of [...]

26 November 2017|

How to Determine your Estate Planning Needs

By understanding your estate planning needs and objectives, you can ensure that it is your intended beneficiaries that enjoy the maximum value from your estate – and that there are [...]

20 November 2017|

UK Non Dom Tax – What should I be paying?

Despite the recent reforms to the taxation of UK resident non domiciliaries which took effect from 6 April 2017, there are still significant tax advantages for such individuals. So if [...]

16 November 2017|

School Fees Savings Plan & Trusts

Use of trusts in a school fees savings plan  There are considerable benefits in having a planned approach to funding private school fees. Taking advantage of tax-efficient structures for example [...]

12 November 2017|

What are the Capital Allowance Rates?

The rules governing the capital allowance regime are a hotchpotch of legislation and case law. It is up to the dear taxpayers to understand, interpret and apply. Alternatively, and obviously [...]

9 November 2017|

Capital Gains Tax Annual Exemption

When selling capital assets at a profit you should typically expect to trigger a liability to capital gains tax. Many taxpayers who are liable to capital gains tax will however [...]

8 November 2017|

A Brief Guide to Expat Tax Rules

What are the expat tax rules? As a UK expat, you will (we hope!) be concerned to understand your tax position. However, this will be a two-headed beast and you [...]

5 November 2017|

How does a Trust Protect Personal Assets?

How does a trust protect personal assets? An Introduction An optimised approach to asset protection will consider a wide range of tools and structures potentially at your disposal. One item [...]

3 November 2017|

What are the Inheritance Tax Rates?

Inheritance tax rates: Deceased estates There are essentially two rates of Inheritance Tax (IHT) on deceased estates: 0% on estates below the nil rate band or threshold, and 40%, being [...]

30 October 2017|

What does Non Dom Tax Status mean?

Non dom tax status: What is a 'non-dom'? Domicile can be an important factor in determining an individual's tax position. Those having a domicile for tax purposes outside the UK [...]

29 October 2017|

Non Doms Tax – Where are we now?

Non doms tax: the consultation HMRC first began consulting on the reform of the taxation of long-term UK resident non doms in 2015. Legislation was originally intended to be included [...]

28 October 2017|

Which Capital Gains Tax Rate applies?

Where capital gains arise on the disposal of certain types of asset, one must then apply the correct capital gains tax rate. For the year 2017/18, the following capital gains [...]

27 October 2017|

Capital Gains Tax on Second Property

Capital gains tax on second property: what you need to know For owners of multiple properties, it’s important to understand the tax liabilities that arise on the disposal of residential [...]

25 October 2017|

Capital Gains Tax Planning: The Way Forward

Finding a way to effective capital gains tax planning Capital gains tax becomes payable on the disposal of certain assets at a profit, where an individual’s annual exemption is exceeded. [...]

24 October 2017|

Offshore Trusts – the Tax Position

How do offshore trusts work? A trust or settlement is a legal relationship between three parties; the settlor, the trustees and the beneficiaries. The settlor transfers funds or assets to [...]

23 October 2017|