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Retrospective tax legislation

What is retrospective tax legislation? According to the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), retrospective tax legislation is: ‘legislation that is retrospective in the full sense of the term, in that [...]

1 September 2017|

CUT! The flip side of HMRC’s TV Makeover

Business, as in so much of life, depends on developing and maintaining close, open and productive relationships. As friends in the media would have it, the key is “access” – [...]

17 August 2017|

Accountex 2017

A week on from Accountex 2017, and we're finally able to stop and take a breath! Just a quick thank you to all those who attended our Property Tax Update [...]

19 May 2017|

Riches and Risk

Around this time each year, eyes are widened and bank accounts scrutinised by the publication of the Sunday Times’ ‘Rich List’. This year’s edition has elicited much attention, not least [...]

15 May 2017|

Rat Trap: Sir Bob Geldof, charity and tax

It’s hard to be believe that more than three decades have passed since the Live Aid fundraising chain of concerts around the world which raised an estimated £150 million to [...]

11 May 2017|