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Domicile Review

Whether you have a UK domicile or non-UK domicile can have a significant impact on your basis of UK taxation. So what is domicile? Domicile is a [...]

30 April 2018|

UK Landlord Tax

Around 2012, George Osborne brought in a number of changes to the taxation of, generally, non-UK property investors. These measures were very successful in raising revenue. It’s [...]

30 April 2018|

UK Tax on Cryptocurrency Activity

Cryptocurrency is a fast-developing area in terms of technology, regulation, law and tax. I believe that ETC is at the frontline of this fast-developing area of tax. [...]

30 April 2018|

Corporate Tax Advice

With tax legislation becoming more and more complex, it is imperative that businesses seek corporate tax advice at every stage of the business life cycle. Effective corporation [...]

29 April 2018|

Research and Development Tax Advice

Research and development tax relief is by far the most generous of all the corporation tax reliefs currently available to both SMEs and large companies. Relief has been [...]

29 April 2018|

Estate Review

Wealth is not easily obtained, but can all too easily be put at risk if not carefully protected. Your estate will be as unique as you are. [...]

29 April 2018|

Capital Gains Tax

Perhaps stating the obvious, if one sells an asset at a profit then it will usually trigger a Capital Gains Tax liability. That said, some assets are [...]

29 April 2018|

How Much R&D Relief Can You Claim?

The reliefs available are based upon the amount which a business spends on qualifying R&D activities. The amount of saving will therefore depend upon the level of [...]

29 April 2018|

HMRC & Cryptocurrency Activity

Clearly, the tax position for cryptocurrency is a developing area – in terms of technology, regulation and, as if by magic, taxation. Developing areas, as well as [...]

28 April 2018|

School Fees Planning Advice

Placing children in private school can be a substantial financial commitment for parents for many years. With average school fees in the UK now being around £14k per annum, [...]

29 November 2017|

Pension Schemes Advice

Making innovative use of pension schemes to fund commercial ventures Statistics continue to show low levels of confidence in pension schemes. For entrepreneurs, pensions remains steadfastly unpopular, [...]

11 October 2017|

International Tax Advice

The international tax landscape is undergoing substantial change. Businesses with operations in multiple jurisdictions have to keep pace. Implementation of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) [...]

11 October 2017|

Overseas Expansion Advice

Expanding overseas remains high on the UK business agenda, despite economic, political and social challenges across the globe. Where a UK business has plans to expand overseas, [...]

11 October 2017|

Inheritance Tax Planning Advice

Inheritance Tax planning is a key part of protecting your personal balance sheet from financial ‘predators’. With a standard rate of 40% above the personal allowance of [...]

11 October 2017|

Expat Tax Advice

Business is now a global affair and, as such, companies which operate cross-border are likely to have members of staff spending time in several different locations, requiring [...]

11 October 2017|

Help with VAT

VAT is a tax on the supply of goods and services made by a taxable person in the course of a running a business. For VAT purposes [...]

11 October 2017|

Business Reorganisation Advice

There are many reasons why you might consider a reorganisation -  corporate simplification or efficiency for example; preparation for the sale of whole or part of your [...]

11 October 2017|